Hospitality management jobs in Birmingham

Birmingham has a pretty good reputation when it comes to pleasing the Gastrointestinal tract. The city has cuisines that pertain to more than 27 different countries, so the variety of food available is just mind-blowing. The city is also home to five Michelin starred eateries. It is also the birthplace of many commercial food items. With such a rich food scene, the place has many opportunities for those with culinary skills. Culinary careers are one major hospitality jobs Birmingham.

What educational qualifications are required?

There are various levels of qualification in the culinary world. The four general levels are Certificate and Diploma programs, Associate’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, and Masters in the Culinary Arts. The level of qualification will determine where you get a job and how much you get paid. However, cooking is an art, so if you have a history filled with exemplary culinary work, you will get paid a lot even without proper educational qualifications.

Various types of careers

The employment landscape within a kitchen is varied. Many chefs become managers with experience, so there is no limit to growth in this sector. A degree though will go a long towards getting you a management role. That said, here is a list of various hospitality jobs in Birmingham.

Head Chef

He is the chief commander of the kitchen and controls everything in the kitchen. Sometimes there is an executive chef above the head chef in big establishments.

Sous Chef

He is the second in command in the kitchen. He will helm the kitchen when the head chef is not there.

Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie is responsible for running specific areas in the kitchen. These people usually many stations by themselves. The various types of Chef de Partie include fish chef and vegetable chef.

Commis Chef

This is the lowest level in the hierarchy of chefs. These people have either just completed their training or are still in training. They usually work under a chef de partie to learn about the various stations in the kitchen.

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